How Can I Pay For Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Wyoming?

If you live in Wyoming but are poor, unemployed, and/or homeless while also struggling with addiction - which comes with financial, physical, psychological, and emotional costs - there is a high probability that you might give up on the idea of checking into an accredited addiction treatment and rehabilitation center. This could be as a result of your inherent inability to afford such treatment.

You might also attempt cold turkey quitting or try to use home detox regimens. However, this is also dangerous because it could cause you to suffer some adverse withdrawal effects, relapse, and eventually sustain a potentially dangerous drug overdose.

Instead of giving up on addiction treatment, you should think about the following options that can get you the help that you need in Wyoming without requiring you to pay for your ongoing recovery:

a) Free Drug Rehab in Wyoming

There are addiction treatment and rehabilitation facilities in Wyoming that offer detoxification, inpatient treatment, and outpatient recovery services free of charge to some patients. These programs might be ideal if you cannot afford to pay for treatment.

b) State-Run Drug Rehab

State-run drug rehabs in Wyoming receive federal and state government funding to keep on providing some of their services for free to patients who are unable to pay for their ongoing recovery.

You will have to deal with some paperwork to enroll in such a program because you need to prove your identity and current inability to afford treatment. If you get an income, state-run rehabs in Wyoming may ask that you pay for some of your treatment costs.

c) Faith-Based Drug Rehab

Lastly, there are faith-based groups that offer drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation services in Wyoming. They include Harbor Light detoxification and inpatient treatment centers and the Salvation Army rehabilitation programs for adults. You can also count on these programs to help you overcome your substance use disorder in Wyoming without worrying about the cost of treatment.

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