How Can I Pay For Drug Rehab in Utah?

Living in Utah in poverty, unemployment, and/or homelessness can be difficult. However, it is even harder if you are also struggling with the financial, emotional, and physical cost of addiction. In such a condition, you might think that entering an addiction treatment program is impossible simply because you lack the funds to afford such treatment.

You might also try to overcome your addiction by quitting cold turkey or using home detox regimens. This is dangerous because it could cause you to suffer some painful withdrawal symptoms, lead to a relapse, and increase your risk of suffering a potentially fatal overdose.

The other alternative would be to look for free addiction help in Utah. Some options here include:

a) Free Drug Rehab in Utah

You can get free detoxification, inpatient treatment, and outpatient recovery services from some rehab programs in Utah. These programs are hard to find so you need to take some time and effort to get the right one for you.

b) State-Run Drug Rehab

There are state-run facilities in Utah that receive funding from the federal and the state government to be able to provide free addiction advice and help services to anyone in need of treatment but who cannot afford it.

These programs require a great deal of paperwork because you need to prove your financial need and identity. Some may also require that you are a resident of Utah before you can be admitted.

c) Faith-Based Drug Rehab

The last option involves faith-based groups that run drug recovery programs in Utah. These programs include the Harbor Light detoxification and residential centers and the Salvation Army rehabilitation centers for adults. In such a program, you can get the help that you need with your addiction in Utah without having to pay for the treatment that you will receive.

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