"Where Is Waldo?" Piece / 2006
Martin Handford Fan Art. This is not for sale. It's a 20" X 26" digital print. Find: Waldo, Woof (remember: you can only see his tail), Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw (running from a police officer), and Wizard Whitebeard's scroll. This is on display at C.A.G. Ltd. in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Below is a view of the entire piece and two details:

Risk Board / 2006

Download large version to print out here.

The Cartographer / 2005
These are six stills from a 12-minute digital video movie directed by Jane Samborski and I.
During the longest section of "The Cartographer" continents move from their present positions backward to Pangea over 10 minutes. A combination of the colors and the presentation on a television causes the optical illusion of movement when there is none, temporary reversals in direction, and vibration. Televisions cause this effect because individual pixels are constantly fading and refreshing. While this distortion occurs all the time, our eyes only notice it in slow moving or static objects. This effect is most noticeable on thin horizontal lines which flicker because the screen refreshes from top to bottom and on large fields of color with hard edges, but it occurs to a lesser degree in all directions.

Theme Park Map / 2005

Theme Park Map / 1993